Tank you visiting our Web site. You will find here all information about our company. Please read more about our offer here.

Our company was founded in 1986 and at first was a producer of window and door carpentry. For 13 years it has been specializing in racks production of furniture upholstery for German market.
Our warehouse is located in the area of 1,6 hectares and it has it's own wood dryer of 350m3 plank batch. For chipboard processing it has panel-saws and processing centers, which are numerically controlled. For production we use hard types of wood, such as: beech, hornbeam, birch-tree and other: pine, spruce, douglas fir.

Our company offers racks, ready to be put together. There is also a possibility of making an order in semi-finished product but also already made products for upholstery. There is also a possibility to produce parts of the products, for example: chipboard sides etc. and wooden ledge, frames according to the clients' needs.